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Genre: Suspense Thriller

A group of backpackers face a terrible dilemma: a friend lies dead in their campsite, stabbed with his own knife. As night falls, suspicions arise as to whether the murderer is out in the woods, or is one of their own. The answer—and their survival—lies in discovering what really happened to Sophia Adams, who died mysteriously six months earlier and whose killer was never found.

Technical Specs

Runtime: 87 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Sound Mix: 5:1 Surround, Stereo

Language: English

Director Statement
'Shadowed' leverages the classic scary movie setup--a group of friends marooned in the wilderness with a killer nearby--to deliver a mind-bending mystery about the secrets friends keep from each other, and the violent impact when the truth is unveiled. While the suspenseful night scenes leave audiences on the edge of their seats, the parallel investigation of a shrewdly evil brothel owner keeps everyone guessing until the final, shocking revelation.

Other highlights to watch out for
• A mesmerizing performance by actor/musician Sean Nelson (My Effortless Brilliance,
   Treatment) as the sociopathic brothel manager
• An incredible original score by the French composer Charles-Henri Avelange
• Haunting nighttime cinematography by Director of Photography Ryan Purcell
• Superb performances from up-and-coming actors, including David S. Hogan,
   Conner Marx, and Alison Monda (LOLWork on Bravo)

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